Friday, August 17, 2012

Obama's economic plan: insult and tax business owners, put illegals to work

BO doesn't know economics.

Fourty-Four States See Unemployment Rise

63% Oppose Driver's Licenses, Public Benefits for Illegal Immigrants Who Get Work Permits
Via Rasmussen Reports

U.S. Unadjusted Unemployment 8.3% in Mid-August
Via Gallup

Unemployment Rate Rises in 44 States
Via Fox Nation

The United States economy is currently in the midst of the weakest economic recovery of all-time and all Obama can do is blame small businesses and punish those who have created and maintained their wealth in this country. Unemployment is moving in the wrong direction and companies are still outsourcing at a record pace. Can you blame them?

What does Obama do about all of this? He grants amnesty to illegal aliens. He is giving people who are here illegally the right to work while millions of actual Americans are struggling to put food on their tables. The law-abiding citizens are being punished while the law-breakers are reaping the benefits of this backwards president.

American apathy paved way for Obama's illegal alien amnesty
Via Examiner

President Backward Obama does not understand business at all. Some how, he believes that insulting and taxing small businesses and wealthy individuals is productive. How is a domestically offensive leader of this country going to provide confidence? What is their incentive in keeping jobs here or trying to expand? They're only going to be punished and insulted more if they do!

We are in trouble. It is not all Obama's fault but he is not helping at all. Instead of trying to create jobs, he tries to tax the wealthy and puts more people on welfare and disability.

It is truly pathetic how blind he is to effective economics.

Photo via Business Insider

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